A Nod to Father Ken for being there for my family in our time of need. —John

I want to give a shout out to Father Joe Fitzgerald. —Jack

I’d like to give a nod to Father C for all the support he has given me. —Kelly

Want to acknowledge a priest who has made a positive impact on your life? You’re not alone!  Enter Nod to the Collar. We are lay Catholics without an agenda. Our sole purpose is to create a loving space where we can share our stories and show appreciation to the incredible priests who tirelessly serve.

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Creating a NOD is easy! First, choose how you’d like to express yourself from one of the options below. Not sure what a NOD should look or sound like? Visit our Latest NODS page to see how others have thanked a priest who has made a positive impact on their lives.


Through Video

Record an up-to-30 second thank you (video or audio), highlighting a priest who has helped you or a loved-one in a specific way.

I wanna give a nod to Father Michael because he did my first communion. This meant a lot to me because of how he helped me a lot with my faith.


Through Words

Submit an up-to-50 word thank you, highlighting a priest who has helped you or a loved-one in a specific way.

Through Art

Submit a drawing, photo, or original artwork, highlighting a priest who has helped you or a loved one in a specific way.

Good Works

Our Mission

The Catholic church is blessed by 24,000 priests in the United States; 400,000 worldwide. The vocation is a spiritual calling unlike any other.

For love of God and Jesus Christ, these men devote their lives to the service of 70 million U.S. Catholics. They forgo marriage, children, opportunities for vibrant careers in the private sector…all to serve and bring us the very sacraments that fuel our faith.

Our agenda is transparent: Showing love (a ‘Nod, if you will) to the thousands of committed, devoted, incredible priests who tirelessly give of themselves so that we, lay Catholics, remain grounded in our faith.

YOUR Latest Nods

Father Paul Wierichs

Father Paul has brought me closer to God. I had Father Paul in high school as a teacher where he helped me unlock my relationship with Christ. In college, Father Paul encouraged me to discern my vocation. Later in life he continues to help me with my prayer life and devotion to Christ on the cross.

Bob Melia

Father James Brasil

He was so influential and supportive for me taking classes in Pastoral Formation . These classes have deepen my faith also within the community , family and friends. Thank You for the prayers and support.

Carol Kautz

Father Tom

Thank you, Father Tom, for the thoughtful spiritual direction when I shared an ethical issue that was confronting me in my workplace. Your attentiveness, time and availability during a time when I was confused helped bring me back to the grounding of my faith and how to live it in a challenging job environment.


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