Father Joe married me and my husband.  I was a nervous 24 year old who grew up attending church but was always intimidated by Priests.  My parents insisted we be married in our family parish. St. Mary Magdalene Church in Oakville Ct, the town where I grew up. Back then there was a whole process of things needed to be done before we could be married in God’s house. One of those conditions was spending, what I remember, was a lot of one on two time with Father Joe. My husband and I were met with challenging questions and conversations we hadn’t even considered. Father Joe metaphorically held our hands throughout the entire process. He never came at us with fire and brimstone but rather guidance toward  a love that should be filled with God.  My wedding was one of the best days of my life because I had a Priest who took the time to prepare us for what this union truly means. It has been many years filled with miracles like my two children, who have met and spent time with Father Joe completing their religious education and confirmations under his parish.  Deaths of my parents where I was confused and frustrated with my faith, and father Joe acknowledged my anger and helped me through. Although he is now retired, Father Joe has been and will continue to be a spiritual director and constructor of our lives. Whether or not he realizes, my life, my family and my marriage are better because of him. 

Rebecca Migiano

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