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Our Mission

Being a priest today is challenging, with a looming cloud over the vocation. Thirty dioceses are facing financial distress due to the bankruptcy caused by heinous acts of child sexual abuse. A small number of priests have scarred numerous victims and families, and we stand with and support those victims.

And yet, how do we show our appreciation for the 98% of honorable priests dedicated to their vocation and the service of God?

Enter Nod to The Collar.

Our mission is to express love and appreciation for the thousands of devoted priests who tirelessly serve their parishes. Our agenda is clear: reminding these righteous men that they are valued, loved, and supported by encouraging individuals to share shout-outs or nods to priests who have positively impacted their lives.

Who Is Nod To The CollaR?

We are lay Catholics without an agenda. Our sole purpose is to create a loving space where we can share our stories and show appreciation to the incredible priests who tirelessly serve.

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Want to share Nod to The Collar with your parish? Download the bulletin insert below.

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